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Although there’s no shipping date for it yet, Apple has sent out review samples of its upcoming MagSafe Duo charger to reviewers. It’s a travel charger that combines Apple’s new MagSafe charging puck with an Apple Watch charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable. theotown diamonds mod

It costs $129, but that price doesn’t include a USB-C charging brick. You’ll need to buy that separately, and you’ll need to make sure it can supply at least 20 watts of USB PD power so that it can fast-charge your iPhone. Apple sells one for $19. tastytown mod apk

$129 is $100 more than what I paid for a wireless charger that can charge my phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at the same time. That charger doesn’t fold up into a neat little package and can’t fast-charge an iPhone at 15 watts, but it uses USB-C instead of Lightning and has little lights to show that it’s working. The regular MagSafe charging puck costs $39. otherworld legends mod

Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger is made out of a kind of rubbery white material. It looks nice when it comes out of the box, but it’s made by press-molding the two sides together. That means there’s a huge kind of seam running around the outside of it, which I still think is a weird design trend. (See also: Surface keyboards and iPad Smart Keyboards.) The rubber “hinge” between the two sides also developed creases immediately. survivalist invasion mod

Because the material is just a little bit grippy, it does an incredible job of picking up any dust or dirt you might have on a table. Within two minutes of taking it out of the box and taking photos, it was dirty. The dirt it picked up wiped off — and I trust that it will be easy to clean with just a little water or (if need be) isopropyl alcohol — but it’s still a bummer to need to do it in the first place. pc creator mod apk

Since it folds in half, you can do a little trick where you fold it backward and just charge the iPhone. That’s neat. The Apple Watch charger flips up so you can use it in nightstand mode, too.

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